Data recovery for over 15 years

Tölvur og gögn ehf. – PC & Mac computer and technology services has specialised in data recovery for over 15 years. Partner of Ontrack and Seagate, reputable and reliable companies in data retrieval and recovery. We recover data from a variety of media, for companies, institutions and homes.


The first operation is most important!

The first operation is most important in data recovery, retrieval! The first attempt at data retrieval gives the highest probability of retrieving or recovering the data and the company chosen to carry out the work is of significant importance in the outcome. Therefore, from the very beginning, you should carefully choose the service provider.

All operating systems, Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

Warranty for the media is always valid, even after data recovery

ISO 14644-1 Class 5 certification matters

Smartphones, cards, SSDs, all media

Data recovery from cameras and cards

Data recovery

Has the gadget stopped working, is the data at risk?

Data recovery is necessary as valuable data must not be lost, so high-quality and secure work methods are very important. Partner of Ontrack and Seagate for many years. Tölvur og gögn have focused on data retrieval and backup for over 15 years and saved data for organizations, companies and individuals during that time.

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