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Data backup

A few items on data backup!

One of the most important things individuals, businesses and organizations have are digital data, files, images, drawings e.g. Valuables like computers, computer equipment, data storage, servers, backup stations, external hard drives and other equipment where the data is stored is insignificant compared to thevalue of the data itself. Therefore, backing up data is more important now than ever.

Secure Azure data backups in the cloud

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Backing up operating systems and programs

Affordable and secure data storage

All data encrypted by Microsoft

Data security

To prevent data loss

The most secure way to prevent data loss is to have automated regular backups. Regular automated backups of servers, computers, phones and smart  devices, where data is stored, is essential. It’s not a question of if the device will brake down, but when.

When that happens it’s uncertain whether or not it will be possible to save the data. If the data can be saved, it usually costs a considerable amount, much more than regular backups.

Microsoft Azure automated backups to the cloud is an affordable and secure solution where the data gets backed up regularly throughout the day.


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